Blending traditional craftsmanship and  contemporary design to create a future classic

"Creating Scarabike has been a work of passion, but unlike our bicycles, it hasn't always been an easy ride. Since the beginning, when we began to knock on the doors of renowned lug makers and frame builders, there have been many obstacles to overcome.

"We were alarmed to see so many small factories, the last refuges of traditional craftsmanship, on the verge of closure. We could not stand by and watch age old crafts become lost to the world, or see precious, unique moulds thrown away, together with the history they represent. We felt strongly we could not let these skills die out. So we decided to create a brand new classic, using these skills, these traditions, this expertise.

"As a business driven by passion, we may not always do things in a conventional way. Though our business is still very small, we have been known to place a bulk order just to save a mould from destruction. This is what passion means.

"We've also met many true craftsmen along the way, without whom we would not have achieved our ultimate dream: a modern classic, a timeless treasure you can ride.
"If you have the chance to visit one of our distributors or our office, please give one of our bicycles a test ride. You will be surprised how a city bike can have such a sophisticated riding feel. Many people have experienced it and been amazed. We call it velvet-like. We hope you'll get to experience this, perhaps purchase your own 'bicycle for life', and play your part in keeping great craftsmanship alive."

Hiroshige Koike, Founder and CEO

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